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Community Builders

Activities that will help build connections amongst your youth group

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Just for fun, or use them to illustrate a point or set up a theme. Use the buttons to find a game by category or view all our games below.

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All play

Just like the name sounds, these are games where everyone plays! Includes circle games, wide games and games for large groups.

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Icebreaker games that will help your youth get to know each other. For more activities to build connections among your group, also see Community Builders.

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Teaching Games

Use these games to introduce your teaching topic or theme.

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Team games

All kinds of games that are played in teams - small or large. These include team building games and creative ways to form your group into teams.

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Up Front Games

Up front games are for just a few players, but everyone gets to enjoy the fun. Perfect for a large group or camp.

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Hooks are things from young peoples' world (e.g. movie clips, songs, current events and stories) that you can use to introduce or link to a key Christian theme or scripture. They work like Jesus used parables - taking things familiar to his hearers (like fishing, taxes or farming) to describe God's kingdom.

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Social Events

From games nights to adventures off-site, here you'll find inspiration for a fun night that your youth will be begging to invite their friends to.

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Social Justice & Outreach

Ways to help your youth group to be outward looking, whether it's reaching out to your local community or overseas.

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Bible studies to help your youth go deeper with God for junior youth (11-14s), senior youth (14-18s) and Young Adults (18yrs+) . Also check out our Bible study resources including a guide to using the 'Hook, Look, Book, Took' framework and this simple method for doing a Bible study one on one.

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Junior Youth

Bible studies for younger youth, aged 11-14 years old.

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Senior Youth

Bible studies for older youth, aged 14-18 years old.

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Young Adults

Bible studies for young adults, aged 18+ years old.

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Short gospel messages that you can print and use straight away.

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Worship & Prayer

Resources that help us encounter God, from creative prayer ideas to all age services. Use the buttons to find a worship and prayer resource by category or view all these resources below.

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Active & Interactive Prayers

Creative ways to pray that will engage your youth

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Christmas & Easter

Seasonal resources that range from personal daily devotions to items which can be used as part of a worship service.

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Daily devotions created for Anglican youth and young adults

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Group Prayers

Keep your prayer times interesting and get everyone participating with these creative ways to pray together as a group.

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Praying for Others

Inspire your young people to pray for each other and the world with these creative and interactive intercessory prayer ideas.

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Reflective Prayers

Ideas for creating reflective spaces and activities to enable young people to engage with God through prayer.

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Services & Liturgies

Prayers and liturgies for worship

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