About The Faith Project

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to begin your own Faith Project? Then let's get started!
First of all, you need to be in your teenage years and ready to take on a two year commitment.
If that sounds like you, then download and complete The Faith Project enrolment form. You will need... See more

Caring for Creation

Mark #5: Strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth
We are to care for everything that God has made because He has entrusted it to us. We also see our creator God revealed in it. Your projects for this Mark will give you opportunities to worship... See more

Standing Up

Mark #4: Seek to transform unjust structures of society, challenge violence of every kind, and pursue peace and reconciliation
The fourth Mark of Mission is to seek to transform unjust structures of society, challenge violence of every kind, and pursue peace and reconciliation. It’s standing... See more

Serving Others

Mark #3: Respond to human need by loving service
The third Mark of Mission tells that the way we response to human need is through loving service. Basically, it’s as simple as putting love into action!
The projects for this Mark will help you notice the people around you who are in need,... See more

Growing In Faith

Mark #2: Teach, baptise and nurture new believers
This second Mark of Mission tells Christians to teach, baptise and nurture new believers - that’s you! So for you, this Mark is about growing in your Christian faith and equipping yourself for the awesome, life-long adventure of following... See more

Telling Our Story

Mark #1: Proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
The first Mark of Mission tells us to proclaim the incredible ‘good news’ of God and His Kingdom. It’s about knowing God’s story and sharing it with others, because these stories are powerful. Working on projects for this Mark will help you... See more

Resources for Mentors

The Faith Project is about raising confident young people who are committed to faith, service and leadership. A key part of The Faith Project is the mentoring and support the young people receive from their local church through their mentor. A mentor is an experienced... See more

Welcome to The Faith Project

The Faith Project is an exciting, challenging and uniquely Anglican youth initiative.
The Faith Project takes young people on a journey that will grow their Christian faith and their confidence to step out and do the things God put them on this planet for. With the support of a mentor, they... See more