About Jobs and Employment

All you need to know about employing a youth minister, from job descriptions and employment agreements to sustainable practices and even how much to pay them.

Youth Worker Performance Review

Performance management is an important part of the employment process for Youth Workers/Youth Pastors, to improve the effectiveness of their ministry and the church, as well as supporting the performance and overall well-being of the employee. A performance review is part of an ongoing cycle... See more

Support for Youth Leaders

Contributed by: ABC Guide to Safety

Good support for youth leaders ensures a safe environment for everyone. It also helps leaders enjoy what they are doing and grow in the process rather than burning out. Here's a checklist of things to put in place to ensure your youth leaders can thrive.

Remuneration for Youth Ministry Staff

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, National Youth Advisor

A sample pay scale for youth ministers in parishes/ministry units. Please note that this is not a national scale but the one adopted by the Diocese of Christchurch. It is provided as an example. Now updated with 2016 figures.
Sample Pay Scale for Youth Ministry Staff from 1 May 2016 See more

Sustainable Practices

Contributed by: The Network of National Youth Ministry Leaders (NZ/Aotearoa)

For so long ‘burn out’ has been synonymous with youth ministry. Ministry is sacrificial, yes. But where we can look after our workers, we must.
The Network of National Youth Ministry Leaders (Aotearoa/NZ) have put together a list of seven practices that will sustain youth workers, youth... See more

Advertising for a Youth Minister

Looking for a youth minister? Or trying to find out what positions are available around NZ? Here's where to go and who to contact within the Anglican Church and beyond.
Anglican Church
Church vacancies are listed on anglican.org.nz/News/Vacancies under each Diocese.
To contact a Diocese... See more

Sample Job Description

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

An easy-to-use template which you can use to create a  job description for a youth minister - whether you're looking for a full-time or part-time position.
Sample Job Description (PDF, 43KB)
Sample Job Description (DOC, 94KB)
  See more

Sample Employment Agreement

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

We've done most of the work for you! View a Sample Employment Agreement here or download the editable version, fill in the blanks, and you're good to go.
Sample Employment Agreement (PDF, 52KB)
Sample Employment Agreement (DOC, 118KB)
For more information, see our guide to Writing an... See more

Writing an Employment Agreement

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

A guide to writing an Employment Agreement for Youth Ministry Staff, with legal requirements and other considerations.
Writing Employment Agreements.pdf (24KB)
See also: Sample Employment Agreement
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