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Accommodation: Bunkroom accommodation is $125 and does not include bedding or towels. If you prefer a single room or twin share with bathroom amenities within your lodgings, then the $175 option is for you. This option comes with all bedding and a towel provided. All effort will be made to meet your accommodation requirements. Rooms will be allocated at the discretion of the Abbey Project Manager.

The Abbey Bus – Airport Transfer: Optional (payable at time of registration). Pay an extra $10 for a return bus seat from Wellington Airport to El Rancho. The bus leaves the airport at 6.20pm on Friday. On Sunday it returns to Wellington Airport leaving El Rancho at 2pm. Please note that it can be up to a 90 minute drive so check-in for flights on Sunday should be no earlier than 3.30pm.

Under 18’s: Participants under the age of 18 years can only attend via invitation through their Diocesan Youth co-ordinator/facilitator. If you are under 18yrs please fill in the registration form with your parent/guardian as parental permission is required during the registration process.


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Registration Form

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For participants under 18 years

 I am a youth leader under the age of 18 who has been invited by my Diocese and will be attending the Abbey with an adult leader.

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For parents of participants under 18 years

 CONSENT: By filling out this form and paying the registration fees, I as the parent/guardian of this young person who is under 18 years old, give permission for my child to attend this event. I confirm I have read and understood the Abbey's Fine Print and agree to the terms as stated in the Fine Print. Please provide your details below. The Abbey registration confirmation will be sent to this email as well as your child's email.

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Registration Packages

The early-bird Registration Packages below are available until 31st July - all options increase by $25 on 1st August.

Please select one Registration Package (for more details about these options, see information above):

 Abbey Crew registration

 $125. Standard Registration with bunkroom accommodation. Participants bring their own bedding/sleeping bag and towel.

 $175. Other accommodation required (Max 3 per room) with all bedding and linen including a towel supplied by El Rancho.

Please state what type of accommodation you require (eg. single room, twin share, married couple (please also give the name of your spouse), other):

* Please state what type of accommodation you require

The Abbey Bus Airport Transfer

Optional (payable at time of registration).

$10 for a return bus ticket: Wellington Airport to El Rancho (leaves airport 6.20pm Friday) and returning to Wellington Airport on Sunday (arriving for 3.30pm). Maximum of 49 seats (first in, first served).

Special Dietary Requirements

El Rancho provides special diets at an extra cost of $6 for the weekend (eg. vegetarian, gluten-free, low allergenic etc). You must be registered for this (payable at time of registration).

If you tick this box, please state your dietary needs:

* Please enter your special dietary requirements

Total Payment

The total cost of all selected options (accommodation, optional add ons and buses) is:


Payment for Early-bird registrations must be received before or on the 31st July to be eligible for the Early-bird price. Unpaid Early-bird registrations will be cancelled and participants will need to re-register at standard cost.

Payment Method

No payment required.

Internet Banking: Please pay the total cost of your registration into the bank account using the 'Abbey' and your initials and surname as the reference.
Account Name: National Youth Advisor
Account Number: 06 0501 0931997 00

Invoicing Option: If your church/organisation are paying registration and require an invoice please fill in the information below:

* Please complete the details above for invoicing

Please note: Whether payment is by Internet Banking or Invoicing, your registration will not be confirmed until full payment is received. Registrations will close on Friday 17th August 2018 or when camp is full.

Fine Print

I have read, understood and agree to the Abbey's "Fine Print".

* Please confirm that you understand the Fine Print.

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For all enquiries please email:

  1. SAFETY: The ABBEY National Anglican Youth Ministry Conference (hereafter “The Event”) includes activities which carry risks of injury if carried out without due care or in disregard of instructions. Whilst all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure your safety, the Anglican Youth Office (Tikanga Pakeha) accept no liability for any loss, injury or damage to your property or person, whether arising through our negligence or otherwise. You agree to: Obey The Event code of conduct (see below); Follow instructions given to you by Event staff; Notify us of any hazard or potential hazard that you spot; Tell us if you can’t participate in any activity or there is anything (such as illness or injury) which may affect our decision to allow you to participate in any activity; Do not do anything which may put yourself or others at risk of harm.
  2. PRIVACY: You agree that personal information gathered for The Event may be securely stored and used by Anglican Youth Office (Tikanga Pakeha) to promote other events to you provided an opt out option is available. You understand that images/video taken at The Event may be used by Anglican Youth Office (Tikanga Pakeha) in a reasonable way from time to time (e.g. for event promotion).
  3. ACTS OF GOD: If The Event is cancelled due to an Act of God (which would be an ironic situation), after the deduction of any unavoidable costs, refunds will be available upon application to the Abbey Project Manager.
  4. REFUNDS: You understand that if you withdraw your registration no later than 7 days before the event, you are eligible for a refund of all but the $25 non-refundable portion of your fees. Withdrawals must be made in writing and received no later than 7 days before the Event. Participants who withdraw within 7 days of the event can apply in writing for a 'late-withdrawal refund' which will be given after all expenses have been paid and if Abbey funds allow. This will be at the discretion of the Abbey Project Manager. Registrations are non-transferable.
  5. AGE, ROLE & CODE OF CONDUCT: By proceeding with this registration, you confirm that you are either:
    • A youth leader in an Anglican parish and you will be 18 years of age or older on 24th August 2018; That you will act to maintain your integrity as a Christian youth leader and role model to young people; That you will not bring to The Event: alcohol; non-prescription drugs; porn; infectious diseases; lethal weapons; offensive pajamas! OR
    • A youth leader under the age of 18 who has been invited by your Diocese and you will be attending the Abbey with an adult leader. Parental consent has been given and contact details for parent/s has been supplied. That you will act to maintain your integrity as a Christian youth leader and role model to other young people; That you will not bring to The Event: alcohol; non-prescription drugs; porn; infectious diseases; lethal weapons; offensive pajamas!

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