Jesus and Me

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

A discussion starter for small groups, helping young people share what Jesus means to them. Use the purple set of Jesus cards (gifted to everyone at The Abbey 2017) or make your own set with our free Jesus card printable.

Spread the cards face up on the floor or on a table that the group are sitting around.

Explain that these cards represent who Jesus is and what faith in Jesus means. Invite the group to look over the cards for a few minutes, and find one that stands out for them as something they really appreciate about Jesus.

Perhaps with the leader going first, each person picks out a card; holds it up and explains why this is something about Jesus they appreciate.

This can end there, or it may lead into stories about people’s personal encounters with Jesus. Either way, close with a prayer, thanking Jesus for the things named by the group.