Community Builders: Jesus Questions

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

Young people share openly and honestly their questions about Jesus in a supportive small group. Use both the red and purple sets of Jesus cards (gifted to participants at The Abbey 2017) or print your own sets (Red Set / Purple Set).

Spread the cards face up on the floor or on a table that the group are sitting around. Explain that these cards represent various aspects of faith in Jesus – who Jesus is and what Jesus does. We all have questions about faith; it is good to ask those questions and to discuss them with others. What questions do you have about faith in Jesus?

Invite the group to look over the cards for a few minutes and find one that sparks a question they have about faith in Jesus, e.g. about healing today or about Jesus’ humanity.

Take turns picking up your card and asking your question. Others in the group get to offer their thought about that question. Allow discussion to develop naturally. If there is little discussion, ask the person if they’re happy to move on to another person’s question or if they have a follow-up question from the discussion so far.

The goal is not to settle on particular answers, but to allow people’s questions, even their doubts, to be aired openly – to encourage openness and healthy discussion about faith.

Close with prayers based on the themes that came up in the discussion, asking for greater faith and understanding.