Social Events: Chocolate Party

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

A chocolate themed night aimed at junior youth, e.g. 11-13 year olds. This is perfect for around Easter, just substitute chocolate bars for Easter eggs and include a short Easter themed message. Warning: there may be chocolate overload by the end of the night!

Guess the Number

You will need: a large jar filled with small chocolates (e.g. M&Ms), pen, paper
As youth arrive, invite them to write down their name and their guess as to how many chocolates are in the jar. At the end of the night, award the jar to the person who has the closest guess.

The Chocolate Game

You will need: dice, plates, knives, forks, block of chocolate, items of clothing (e.g. hat, scarf, gloves)
Because what chocolate party would be complete without the good old classic Chocolate Game? Put the bar of chocolate on the plate with the knives and forks nearby and sit everyone around it in a circle. Throw the pile of dressing up clothes into the circle. Take it in turns to roll the dice on the floor in front of them, passing it around the circle to their left. If someone rolls a six, they put on the clothes, and start cut up and eat the bar of chocolate  – but only using the knife and fork. They can only eat one square at a time – no larger. That person keeps going until someone else rolls a six, at which point they much co-operate in handing over the clothes so that the next person gets a turn. If you have a large group, set up multiple games.

Chocolate Pass the Parcel

You will need: Mini choc bars for each layer, brown paper, a big bar as the final prize, music
It’s the old party favourite, but with – you guessed it – chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. If you have a large group, set up multiple games, or have more than one parcel being passed around the circle.

Chocolate Memory Game

You will need: a pack of Cadbury’s Favourites, tray, tea towel, paper, pens, prize
Put out tray with different chocolates on it (if you have a large group, then have multiple trays). Give them 1 minute to look at the tray and memorise which chocolates were on it and how many of each. Cover up the tray with the tea towel. Then get each person to write down everything that they can remember.  Give a prize to the person who gets the most correct (they could win all the bars from the tray).

Chocolate short stories

You will need: paper, pens, prize
As a group, brainstorm the names of as many chocolate bars as they can think of. Write these up on a whiteboard or large piece of paper. Then, put your group into pairs, and give them this challenge: Make up a short story using as many of these names of chocolates as you can. Your story should have at least 5 sentences and it must make sense! Underline every type of chocolate you use in your story. You will get points for every different type of chocolate you use.
Give them 5 minutes to write their stories, and then either get each pair to read their story out loud to the group or hand in their story to a leader for judging. Award points for how many different names they use, and give a prize to the winner.

Here’s an example of a story: Freddo & Pinky want some Time Out – they need to take a Breakaway from being Smarties at school every day. Pinky says “If I had Three Wishes I’d make my Dream come true – I’d have a Picnic on Mars.” Freddo snickers at Pinky. “Dream on! Let’s take some Dairy Milk and Perky Nanas to the Black Forest. We can put out a Picnic blanket over the Crunchie leaves.”

Chocolate supper

If you’re not chocolated out yet, finish with a chocolate themed supper, such as chocolate muffins/cupcakes, hot chocolates, chocolate sundaes, chocolate chip cookies…

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