Social Events: Click and Grab

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

A scavenger hunt where each team has a digital camera and a vehicle (with responsible driver!) to get around your local area. Give the teams a list of items which they are to either ‘click’ (take a photo of) or ‘grab’ and bring back to your designated meeting spot. Note: Nothing can be clicked or grabbed while onsite at your church/meeting place.

Once all the teams have finished the hunt, total up all the scores and download all the photos and show them immediately (you may like to provide supper while you sort out all the images) or at your next event, and award prizes to the team with the most points, funniest photo etc.



  • A creative introduction picture for your team
  • 3 team members being pushed in a shopping cart
  • Someone in group drinking a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi
  • Entire team hanging upside down
  • Team member hugging a stranger
  • Team members doing cartwheels
  • Team members on a swing
  • Team member picking their nose
  • Entire team in a tree
  • Team members in a fountain

Click for bonus points:

  • Lady telling off a kid
  • A guy coming out of the girl’s bathroom (or vice versa)
  • Team member hugging a petrol station attendant
  • a house with 3 cars parked in the driveway
  • a farm animal
  • a fireman in uniform
  • A team member working behind the counter at a fast food restaurant
  • People dressed like they’re straight from the 80s
  • A stranger picking their nose
  • Your church/youth group’s name on packaging or signage somewhere
  • A team member in a high visibility vest
  • Team members on a sofa, outdoors



  • Chop Sticks
  • Wendy’s Chili Cup
  • Pack of Burger King ketchup
  • Napkin with a logo
  • Straw
  • Menu
  • A shoe – not belonging to any of your team members
  • A cooking utensil
  • Ice
  • A carrot
  • A paperclip

Grab for bonus points:

  • A stranger’s autograph – having told them they look like a famous person
  • A cardboard cutout of a celebrity
  • An item belonging to a member of another team
  • A new couch for the youth room