Ice Cream Extreme

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! It doesn’t get much better than a whole night centred around the deliciousness that is ice cream. This theme night is a great treat for summer, but works equally well any time of the year.

Start by getting your group into teams, and get them to come up with a team name based on an ice cream flavour. Then play a bunch of the following ice cream themed games and activities, for a youth group event that intermediates and teenagers love.

Know your ice cream

For this all play game, challenge them to write down as many ice cream flavours as they can in an allotted time. The team that comes up with the most flavours, wins.

Blindfolded test

Teams choose one person from their to team to be blindfolded. Their challenge is to identify the ice cream flavours from just the smell and/or taste. The team that gets the most correct, wins.

Ice cream Sundae

A game that everyone gets to play. It’s played just like the classic game of ‘Fruit Salad’, but the leader calls out ice cream flavours instead of fruits, and ‘Icecream Sundae’ for when everyone moves.

Ice cream blind feed

An upfront challenge for two people from each team. One person feeds their partner icecream from behind, while blindfolded. The first person to finish their bowl wins. You can give bonus points for the messiest team as well!

Banana split in the mouth

This messy challenge needs two people from each team. One person stands up on a chair while their partner lies on the floor at their feet. The person on the chair tries to make a banana split in their partner’s mouth by dropping ice-cream, chocolate sauce, banana, nuts (optional), whipped cream and finally, a cherry into the person’s mouth. Remember to check for any nut allergies first!

Banana split triathlon

Teams race to create a banana split by competing in a series of challenges, through which they get their ingredients and assemble their banana split.

  1. Banana Obstacle Course – see Go Bananas for instructions. Award points for getting through the course.
  2. Icecream Relay – team members race, relay style, to carry 1 spoonful of ice cream at a time, followed by a spoonful of sauce. Award points to the fastest team.
  3. Suck it up – using a straw to suck up m&ms, team members race, relay style, to transport m&ms to their banana split. Award points to the team who end up with the most m&ms in an allocated time.

Finally, award points for the team who has the best looking banana split!