Social Events: Mall Hunt

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Split your group into teams and give each team a $10 note (note: this is a great activity for a small youth group e.g. 2 teams – otherwise it will get very expensive!)

Give each team a list of items that can be found or bought in a mall (see below). The aim is to collect as many items on the list below within a designated time period. Each item on this list is worth 100 points for the team.

Arrange for all the teams to meet back together to see what each team managed to find, and to award the points. Finish with a team photo with members wearing & displaying all their items.

Suggested items to collect:

  • A stranger’s left over food
  • 1 lolly bought from a bulk bin (only 1) with receipt
  • A “rip-off” item
  • Something with bad English on the packaging
  • Something from a rubbish bin
  • Something that is both pink and manly
  • Underwear (new, not used)
  • A useless item
  • Something extremely tacky
  • A sweat band

Rules: You must remain with your entire group and leader at all times. You can not use any additional money, and of course, you can not steal! Treat stores and other customers with respect at all times.