Social Events: Newspaper Theme Night

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Collect up a whole lot of old newspapers for a newspaper night! Add in a few simple supplies like scissors and tape, and you’ve got all you need for a youth group event that intermediates love.

Paper Fold

Choose a few volunteers to do this upfront challenge. Offer a prize to the person who can fold their piece of newspaper in half nine times. Note: the paper must be folded completely in half.

Newspaper stack

Get your group into teams or just simply do this as a group challenge if your group is smaller. The challenge is to see how many people you can fit on one piece of newspaper.

Newspaper towers

Get your group into teams, and supply them with newspapers, scissors and tape. Challenge them to create the tallest tower out of newspaper.

Newspaper stories

Pass out copies of the Newspaper Stories handout, newspapers, scissors and a glue stick (one set per team). Teams search for each of the words needed to complete the story, cut them out and paste them on the given paper. The first team to complete their story wins. Share the stories afterwards.

Newspaper fashion show

Teams create newspaper fashion and dress up either their youth leaders or a member of their team. Finish the challenge with a fashion show and judge the most creative outfit.

Newspaper scavenger hunt

Print out a checklist of scavenger hunt items that the teams are to try to find and cut out from their newspapers. Award a prize for the team that spots the most of these things on the list.

Paper walk

Challenge teams to get their team from one side of your meeting space to the other. The catch – their feet can’t touch the floor at any time. If they do touch the floor, they have to go back. Also the paper can not be torn.

Paper Stick Hockey

Two teams stand on opposite sides of a rectangular playing area, with a small goal at each end. Number everyone off and give each person a rolled up paper stick made with newspaper and masking tape. Place a small ball in the centre and call out a number.

Newspaper Prayers

Invite your youth to look through the papers and look for issues or articles that stir them up inside. Get them to cut out and share the issue/article briefly with the group, and then pray together about it.