Social Events: Night of CHAOS

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Night of CHAOS* (CHristian Acts Of Service)

Tell your youth to come dressed head to toe in black. You will be embarking on a night of acts of service in the cover of darkness, in order to bless and encourage those in your church. But the trick is do it without them seeing you do it – you will need to be sneaky and silent!

Suggested acts of service:

  • clean their car while it’s in their driveway (remember to take buckets, brushes, vacuum etc)
  • vacuum their house/do their dishes while they are out
  • do some home baking, package it with cellophane and ribbon, and leave it on their doorstop
  • cover their car with post it notes with encouraging messages, bible verses etc on each one

Or, if you are stuck for ideas, then just turn up unannounced and offer to do any jobs that they need help with e.g. do their dishes, vacuum etc. This always goes down well!

It works well if a week beforehand they suggest people who they would like to serve in some way so you can arrange anything you need e.g. arranging access to their house/car if needed, organising cleaning equipment, finding out people’s home addresses etc.

You will leave them a small card on which you have written a message saying what you have done for them and why (for example to say thank you for something they have done or simply a message of encouragement/blessing). You may also like to include your church/youth group logo on the card.

Whatever acts of service you do, remember that the purpose is to bless and honour them, so at all times be respectful of them and their property. (For this reason, this event works best with older/mature teenagers).

Each team will need a driver to both transport and supervise them. You may like to get the driver to film the acts of service and show these at the end of the night and/or at church the following Sunday.

Gather back together at the end of the night to share stories and watch the footage.

This was an annual event for our youth group – it was a hilarious night as we tried to be sneaky and not get caught  (things are always lots more fun in the dark). And of course it was an awesome way to bless the parents and church members who did so much for us.