Social Events: Supersize Me

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Each team will be given an identical item that is small and doesn’t have much value e.g. a paper clip. The aim of the game is to supersize that item by making a series of swaps so that they have the biggest/most valuable item at the end of the event. Assign an impartial judge to decide on the winning item, taking into account both value and size.


Supersizing guidelines:

  • Items can only be swapped for items that are larger and or more valuable.
  • The swap is permanent – they will not be getting their item back. This must be made clear to the person before the swap is made.
  • Stealing is not allowed!
  • The item must be able to fit in the car, unless it is a car, in which case you can drive it back.
  • A swap can be made with a person/family or at the same place only once.
  • You can not make a swap with a family member of anyone in your team (includes extended family) – you can however swap with a family member of someone else in the youth group who is not in your team.
  • Items can not be picked up from the inorganic rubbish on the side of the road!