Theme Night

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson & Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

themenightSTheme nights are always a winner, and easy to pull together – just make sure that everything you do includes the designated theme for the night.

Your theme could be a colour; it could be a food (like ice cream or chocolate); it could be a word, genre or Bible character. Tie it all in with a God talk around your chosen theme.

Here are some themes that have worked well:

  • Red/Yellow
  • Pink party – for an anti-bullying campaign
  • Chocolate – including The Chocolate Game, of course!
  • Go Bananas!
  • Midwinter Christmas
  • Icecream – try running an Icecream Olympics
  • Pirates
  • Newspaper/Toilet Paper Night – all the games and activities for the night use these materials
  • Water – Water fights, water balloon games… great for summer
  • Ewww! / Fear Factor – a series of gross, messy and scary challenges
  • ‘S’ party – or whatever letter your youth group’s name starts with

Click on the links above for games and activities around each of these themes. If you’d like more ideas for how to run a night with any of the themes listed above, contact us.