Toilet Paper Theme Night

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

toiletpaperthemeSThis one is a goodie! We did this a number of times over the years with our intermediate aged youth and they loved it. Basically, it’s a whole night of games, activities and a message with just one thing in common… toilet paper. Buy it in bulk, you’ll need a lot of it…

Toilet Paper Tell All

Start off the night with this icebreaker. Divide into groups of 3-5 people. Hand each group a roll of toilet paper with the instruction that each person is to “tear off as much as you think you will need” saying we’ve run out for the night.
Once everyone has their toilet paper squares, in their groups, each person must tell one fact about themselves for every square of toilet paper they tore off.
(Source: TP Tell All The Source for Youth Ministry)

Toilet Paper Unravel

Teams have to fully unravel a roll of toilet paper, and then re-roll it all back on again. First team to complete the challenge wins.

Toilet Paper Blow

Play this as an upfront challenge – or it can be a game for everyone if you have a small group. Pick 8 volunteers to form 4 teams of 2. The challenge is to keep one square of toilet paper in the air by blowing it. The team that keeps it up the longest is the winner.
(Source: Toilet Paper BlowThe Source for Youth Ministry)

Mummy Wrap

Teams must wrap one team member in toilet paper so that only the eyes are left showing.
Alternatively, do a fashion challenge, where teams must create an outfit – or even a wedding dress – out of toilet paper. Hold a fashion show at the end.
(Source: Mummy WrapThe Source for Youth Ministry)

Toilet Paper Relay

Do a series of fun relays, using a toilet roll as a baton.

Toilet Paper Over Under

Line up in teams. The object is to pass the toilet paper, over and under, unraveling it as you go, until it reaches the last person in the line. If toilet paper breaks, the person must tie it together before continuing to unravel. Alternatively you can make the team start again.
(Source: Toilet Paper Over UnderThe Source for Youth Ministry)

Human Snowball

Screw up lots of toilet paper and spread it in a designated area. Split into teams and give each team a roll of duct tape/packaging tape. Have each team select one member to be the “snowball”. Give them 2-3 minutes to wrap that person in duct tape with the sticky side out (be careful around their head/hair). Once they are wrapped up in tape, let two members of each team take their snowball person into the room full of paper and give them one minute to roll that person around on the floor. The team that makes the biggest/best “snowball” wins.
(Adapted from Human SnowballThe Source for Youth Ministry)

Toilet Paper Exchange

Give each person 10 squares of toilet paper. They are to try to win as many as possible from their peers by doing a series of one-on-one battles: Thumb wrestling, Paper Scissors Rock, and Flipping a coin.
(Adapted from $1000 Bill Exchange / The Source for Youth Ministry)

Snowball Fight

Make this the last game of the night. Gather up all the toilet paper from the games into a designated area. Divide into 2 teams, and make sure each team has half of the toilet paper. When time starts, team members have to throw as much of their TP into the other teams zone. At time, the team that has the least TP in their zone is the winner.

Toilet Talk

Tie it all together with a talk and illustration based around, you guessed it, toilets and toilet paper… you can adress how we speak to others and the language we use with talks such as “Toilet Humour” or “Potty Mouth”. Or try this message about sin: All Wrapped Up By Sin/The Source for Youth Ministry