All play: Human Keypad

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

humankeypadSTape a large card bearing a letter of the alphabet to each person’s arm. Give each person a small card and a pencil. The goal is for letters to get together and spell words. Once they’ve spelled a word, they write it on their card. Then separate everyone and look for new words.

Award points for each real word (no text language) and a prize to the longest list of words.

Abbreviations don’t count and take points off for foul language (but do it light-heartedly and you can make the point that a mark of really good communication is ‘swear words not required!’)

Finish with a challenge to form words that describe the positive things about the group.

Note: According to Wikipedia the frequency of letters occurs roughly in this order: e t a o i n s h r d l u c m f w y p v b g k j q x z. The ‘top twelve’ letters comprise about 80% of the total usage. The ‘top eight” letters comprise about 65% of the total usage.