Icebreakers: These are a few of my favourite things

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

favouritethingsSFind out a few of each other’s favourite things with this quick get-to-know-you activity.

You’ll need a pen and a copy of “My Favourite…” questionnaire (see below for instructions on how to create this), for each student in the room.

Before starting, each student fills out an anonymous questionnaire (either as they arrive or at the start of the activity), listing a few of their favourite things. Choose 3-5 simple statements like:

  • My favourite band is…
  • My favourite food is…
  • My favourite colour is….

They fill in correct answers but they don’t put their name on the piece of paper.

Once everyone has filled in and handed back their questionnaire, redistribute them randomly and explain that students have to work out whose sheet they have by moving around the room asking questions and guessing. (NB: if people see they have been handed their own questionnaire have them quickly and quietly swap it for another.) Once they find their match they write that person’s name on their sheet and help them to find whoever it is they’re looking for and so on, until everyone is matched up.

Finish the activity by stating (or restating) the group’s culture as a place where we get to know each other well.

See Community Builders for more ‘get to know you’ activities.