Teaching Games: Lent Quiz

Contributed by: Eleanor Calder, Diocese of Auckland

lenttopic3-gridLearn about Lent and have fun at the same time! This Lent Quiz is short, fun and easy to run in your youth group as part of your Lent programme.  To make the quiz more challenging (e.g. for older teenagers), simply leave out the multi-choice options and see what answers they come up with!

Find the questions and answers below, and you can download a Quiz Powerpoint – complete with questions, answers and images – from Anglican Youth Ministries.


  1. How many days are counted in lent?
    1. 30
    2. 40
    3. 46
  2. What colour is traditionally associated with the lent season?
    1. Green
    2. Purple
    3. White
  3. Which day of the week is NOT included in the lent season?
    1. Friday
    2. Saturday
    3. Sunday
  4. The main reason Christians give up coffee, chocolate or Facebook during lent is:
    1. Because they are bad for you
    2. To make space for Jesus
    3. To save money to donate
  5. Some Catholic countries give up eating what during lent?
    1. Meat
    2. Shellfish
    3. Chocolate
  6. Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday commemorates what?
    1. Jesus trials
    2. The last supper
    3. Jesus’ execution
  7. What food is often eaten on Shrove Tuesday?
    1. Shroves
    2. Pancakes
    3. Bread and wine
  8. What is traditionally done on Ash Wednesday?
    1. A cricket match between Australia and England
    2. Clean out the chimney
    3. Put ashes on your forehead
  9. On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on what?
    1. A horse and cart
    2. The shoulders of his disciples
    3. A donkey
  10. What word is not meant to be said or sung during Lent?
    1. Alleluia
    2. Amen
    3. Jesus
  11. The Wednesday before Easter is called Holy Wednesday, but is also sometimes called:
    1. Easter Wednesday
    2. Spy Wednesday
    3. It doesn’t have another name


  1. B – Jesus spent 40 days fasting and being tempted in the desert.
  2. B – Purple means both sorrow (because we do wrong) and royalty.
  3. C – Sunday, because the Lord’s day cannot be a day of fasting.
  4. B – to make space for Jesus
  5. B – Meat
  6. B – The Last Supper
  7. B – Pancakes. On Shrove Tuesday, people used up all their rich food (eggs, butter) to prepare for the limited meals and fasting during lent. ‘Shrive’ means to confess, they were encouraged to say sorry to God before the beginning of lent.
  8. C – Put ashes on your forehead. The ashes are often from the burnt remains of last year’s palm crosses.
  9. C – Donkeys were viewed as animals of peace while horses were viewed as animals of war.
  10. A – Alleluia. This exclamation of praise was not said so it would remain special and used to celebrate and praise God on Easter Sunday.
  11. B – Spy Wednesday, because Judas spied on Jesus and his disciples in the garden of Gethsemane.