Teaching Games: Trapped: Exodus

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

Activities you can use to help your youth to explore and relate to the story of Exodus. “Trapped” is part 1 of a series on Exodus, which you could run over four weeks or use all four sessions at a camp.

The Big Idea: Just as the Israelites were trapped in Egypt, we can also be trapped (e.g. by our mistakes, our past, stereotypes). How does the Exodus story provide us hope?


Post-it Brainstorm

1. Brainstorm all the ways you are/have been/could be trapped, and write them on post it notes.

2. What are some things that can keep us from being set free? Brainstorm those ideas and write them on post-it notes too.

Dramatic Presentation

Form small groups and come up with a 1 minute dramatic presentation of how someone could be trapped nowadays, and how God’s message could provide hope in that situation. Then, come back together and perform your drama to the other groups.

This image was taken at E-Fest 2013 as the young people posted their notes onto a large board during a time of worship.

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