Big Christmas Quizzer

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

christmasquizSThis is a Christmas Quiz of epic proportions. See how much you really know about Christmas with this massive series of Christmas quizzes covering Global Traditions, Kiwi Christmas, Most Expensive Toys, Christmas Carols,  All About Jesus, and a good old True & False section as well.

 True or False

Answers are in brackets

  1. Christmas means ‘Christ’s mass’ (TRUE)
  2. Saint Nicholas was actually from Turkey (TRUE)
  3. On 25 December in Hawaii it is winter (TRUE)
  4. Christmas is not a public holiday in Morocco (TRUE)
  5. Christmas carols first originated in Finland? (FALSE = Rome)
  6. Christmas cards originated in Russia (FALSE = England)
  7. Some countries think the baby Jesus delivers gifts (TRUE = Venezuela & Colombia)

Global Traditions

Answers are in bold

  1. The first artificial Christmas tree was invented in:
    A) England B) Germany C) USA D) Reefton
  2. Which country hang fake spiders on their trees?
    A) India B) Mongolia C) Ukraine D) Australia
  3. Mistletoe was first hung as a decoration in:
    A) England B) New Zealand C) Spain D) Sweden
  4. Where is ‘the Grinch who stole Christmas’ from?
    A) Japan B) England C) Holland D) USA
  5. Who eats the ‘feast of 7 fishes’ on Christmas eve?
    A) Spain B) Italy C) Greece D) Nobody
  6. Who decorates banana and mango trees each year?
    A) India B) Singapore C) Ireland D) Croa5a
  7. Where in the world did ‘tinsel’ originate?
    A) USA B) France C) Mexico D) Chile

A Kiwi Christmas

Answers are in bold

  1. Who celebrated the first Christmas in NZ?
    A) Tasman B) Cook C) Marsden D) Prince Charles
  2. The first Christmas meal ever cooked in NZ was:
    A) Moa B) Pork C) Beef D) Lamb
  3. The first Christmas day sermon was preached at:
    A) Ruby Bay B) Doubtful Bay C) Oihi Bay D) Blenheim
  4. Which native tree is known as NZ’s Christmas tree?
  5. Which city had the first Santa parade in 1905?
    A) Auckland B) Wellington C) Dunedin D) Gore
  6. Christmas became a formal public holiday in NZ…
    A) In 1705 B) In 1898 C) 1910 D) 1996
  7. Which city in NZ erects a 59 foot Santa every year?
    A) Invercargill B) Kaikoura C) Hamilton D) Auckland

Most expensive toys price checker

The closest guess to the actual figure takes the point in this category

  1. The ‘Diamond Barbie’ with 160 diamonds, white gold jewellery accessories ($107,884 NZD)
  2. An ‘original sea-green 1966 Opel Diplomat sedan’ Match box car still in box ($11,423 NZD)
  3. German made stuffed teddy bear with solid gold mouth and sapphire eyes ($54,577)
  4. Ride on ‘Junior Off-roader’ 4WD complete with CD player and leather seats ($50,769)
  5. Actual ‘Darth Vader’ helmet used in the Empire strikes back movie scenes ($145,960)
  6. The ‘Tatiana’ palace dolls house with 18 rooms and 3000 unique accessories ($325,554)
  7. 1/8 scale model Lamborghini with platinum and gold rims, diamond encrusted ($6,092,221)

 Finish that CHRISTMAS carol

Answers are in brackets

  1. “Away in a manger no ____ for a bed” (Crib)
  2. “Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let ____ ____ ____ ____” (Earth receive her king)
  3. “Oh holy night, the ____ ____ ____ ____” (Stars are brightly shining)
  4. “____ the ____ angels sing, ‘Glory to the new-born King!'” (Hark, Herald)
  5. “On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ____ ____ ____” (Five golden rings)

All about Jesus

Answers are in bold

  1. How old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus?
    A) Teens B) Twenties C) Fifties D) The Bible doesn’t say
  2. Which city did Mary travel from on the way to give birth in Bethlehem?
    A) Bethlehem B) Galilee C) Jerusalem D) Nazareth
  3. Jesus was actually born on 25 December – TRUE OR FALSE?
    FALSE = Most likely late September
  4. How many kings came to visit Jesus after he was born?
    0 = The Bible calls them ‘Magi’ or ‘wise men’ and never mentions 3
  5. Which of the three gifts given to Jesus was a fragrant perfume or incense?
  6. What other name meaning ‘God with us’ was attributed to Jesus at birth?
  7. Who was the mean king who tried to kill Jesus after he had been born?