All play: Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

Collect a bunch of old newspapers or magazines, enough for one per team. You will also need scissors. Print out a checklist of scavenger hunt items that the teams are to try to find and cut out from their newspapers. Award a prize for the team that spots the most of these things on the list.

Suggested items:

  • A politician
  • A bird
  • A baby
  • A sports shoe
  • Ice
  • The word “sophisticated”
  • A red-haired woman
  • A blue car
  • A TV
  • Water
  • A utensil
  • The word “game”
  • Glasses (the kind worn on the face)
  • A vegetable
  • A cartoon
  • A phone number with the number 8 in it