Team games: Rob the Nest

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

robthenestSPlay with multiple teams in a large outdoor setting. Each team creates a nest (using a rope circle 3m in diameter) with 3 eggs in it (use larger balls) which they must guard.

They are not allowed within their own nests circle but to the opposition this is the ‘safe zone’. Teams must search out the other team’s nest and take their eggs back to their own.

If they manage to collect 6 eggs, they win the round. Each player wears a woollen string ‘life’ tied around their wrist which, if broken by an opponent, takes them out of the game until they gain another life from the ‘medic leader’ positioned half way within the playing area.

They can get as many new lives as required but can’t play without one. If they are holding an egg and have their life broken, they must drop it and head to the medic.

Rob the Nest requires lots of energy but is always a favourite wide game.