Team games: Woolly

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

woollySYouth are split into multiple teams depending on numbers. The object of the game is to seek out stations and bring to home base different coloured pieces of wool from each station.

Assign a leader to each station with a ball of wool. Each different coloured piece of wool is worth a certain number of points but the values aren’t disclosed until the end of the game, meaning youth must guess which they will go for.

Leaders must place stations in places that range from easy to get to (in a clearing of grass), to hard work to get to (up a hill, up a tree). Youth can only carry one piece of string at a time and must visibly hold it in front of them.

They have to get back to home which is guarded by a small number of leaders whose job is to tag the youth, if they do, the youth must give up their wool. If the youth gets through to the home area, they can deposit their wool into their teams container. After time, the team with the highest score wins.