Hooks: If Jesus were a teenager today…

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Discussion Questions

If you had a chance to meet Jesus in person, how would that feel?

What questions would you want to ask him?

If your history teacher at school asked you, “Who was Jesus?”, what would you reply? How would most of your friends answer?

Who did Jesus say he is? (Matthew 16:13-17; Mark 14:61-62; John 14:6)

If Jesus were a member of your peer group today, what do you think he would say? and wear? and do?


After some answers (or if answers are slow coming), read the reflection below.

If Jesus were a teenager today he’d like U2 and Brooke Fraser. He’d invite Eminem to get out of his tree and come to lunch for some physiotherapy on his morals. He’d cheer on Make Poverty History, show the rock and fashion industries up for making money at the expense of our self-esteem, and lend a healing hand to AIDS victims and refugees. Bill Gates might be the rich young ruler and John 3:16 taught during a conversation with the Dalai Lama. He’d rework his sheep parables in New Zealand, his money parables in the U.S. and make up new ones based on Shrek. His teaching on the two greatest commandments would happen in Israel and Syria. He’d probably break all our TV’s and toss us a ball and some walking shoes (though not Nikes). He’d surf with or without a board and he’d heal broken-boned skaters and boy racers, even on Sundays. He’d also be in church every Sunday to talk about good news to the poor and freedom for the captives but spend his week in the parks, street corners, prisons, bars, and hospitals – where he may get a better welcome than at church. But his message to the church wouldn’t be a soft one – invest more in people and less in buildings or go out of business. (Adapted from Tom Kerr, 1985)

If Jesus was a teenager today, how many of the points in the reflection do you agree with?

How would you update it for 2013?