Hooks: Prof Ann Eyeland

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

These are fun activities that help young people explore topics around loneliness and our need for relationships.  The name ‘Ann Eyeland’ plays on and discredits the idea “I am an island”

Meet Professor Ann Eyeland

‘The word is out. Professor Ann Eyeland, the recluse from the South Pole currently holidaying in a special biosphere at the bottom on an unspecified Aotearoan boiling mud pool, has got a new idea.

She has developed a genetic cocktail which when injected, you know where, relieves people of any need for other human beings. Professor Eyeland claims it works predominantly on one’s emotions and thoughts and is completely harmless with no bad side effects.

 “It works like a dream,” she said over the phone from her hideaway biosphere. “It cuts out any risk of hurtful relationships, rejection, jealousy, broken hearts and so on. You can’t even feel loneliness because with my wonder drug, Annsway, who needs friends?”

Annsway will be available from the shelves of your local GM friendly store, sometime this spring.’

Take Action

  • Write a skit or story that depicts why to this day Prof. Eyeland wants to avoid relationships.
  • Make up a bottle of “Annsway”. Let the group suggest real life situations that might make them want to take the drug.
  • Make a case for how 1 Thessalonians 5:11 and/or John 13: 34, 35 apply.
  • Write a 20-word-or-less add for the Wanted section of the paper titled “Friendly Youth Group Wanted.”