Social Justice & Outreach: Cookin’ Up Some Love

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

cookinupsomeloveSDoes your youth group love food? (What group doesn’t?!) Here are a few ideas to use their love of food to bless their local community.

Does your church have a freezer of pre-prepared meals ready to go for families that have a crisis and need some time off cooking? If so, spend an evening with your youth group making dinners to stock the freezer. If not, take the idea to your church leadership and offer to raise funds for a freezer.

Bake together as a youth group. Take your neighbours a plate of baking and start a conversation.

Spend an afternoon helping to prepare food parcels for families in need with the local City Mission or Food Bank.

From “Look Out! Twenty-one Ways to be Outward Looking with your Youth Group”, developed by the Social Justice Unit of the Christchurch Diocese: Kate Day, Jolyon White, Tessa Laing & Phil Trotter