Outreach: Haerenga Mission Internship

Haerenga Mission Internship is a 10 month internship run by NZCMS – the New Zealand Church Missionary Society. They’re an evangelical, voluntary mission organisation seeking to mobilise the Anglican Church in New Zealand for God’s mission.

The Haerenga Internship is designed to develop young people (between the ages of 18 and 25) in Christ and train them in God’s mission. Each part of the internship is designed to challenge and grow participants as they discover God’s work both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Who is Haerenga for?

Haerenga is for anyone aged between 18 and 25 who would like to underpin their future career choices with an understanding of God’s mission. This experience is for those who would like to take a year out to learn more about God, themselves and God’s world. You must show that you are willing to work hard, apply yourself and be committed to all aspects of the programme. The course is intense and will require people willing to commit to the program i.e. you can’t just choose the overseas part because it’s cool. It’s a package!

There are three stages of each Haerenga Mission Internship:

1. Get grounded in the word This stage is a four month residential discipleship course aimed at helping interns learn more about God’s word, mission and themselves. Interns will live in Te Au Intentional Community on Laidlaw College’s Auckland campus. There will also be chances to get involved with local outreach projects within the wider community. Individual mentoring will also be available. This stage is aimed at preparing Haerenga interns for their overseas ministry experience in stage two.

2. Put learning into action Interns will spend six months serving in Fiji alongside local church leaders. This stage is designed to challenge interns to step out in faith as they seek to serve alongside others in a different culture and context. This stage of the Haerenga Mission Internship seeks to give students a chance to use their God- given gifts and abilities in an overseas context. There’ll be chances to get involved in local schools, development projects, churches and outreach ministries.

3. Process the experience Haerenga interns will return home to New Zealand for an intensive week of processing their overseas experiences and thinking through the implications for the future ministry. This process gives interns a chance to talk through what they’ve seen, pray about what they’ve learnt and plan for their future.

Please ckirstinontact NZCMS Youth Mobiliser Kirstin Cant for more information and/or application forms.

Mobile: +64 27 345 0422

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Web: nzcms.org.nz/haerenga/