Social Justice & Outreach: Is NZ fair?

Contributed by: Kate Day, Diocese of Christchurch

howwealthSFairness used to be a strong part of New Zealand’s identity. Is New Zealand still fair? Is inequality a problem?

This conversation is heating up in New Zealand and the Anglican Social Justice Unit in Christchurch has developed resources to help youth groups and schools explore the question and to help young people be part of the discussion.

The “Is New Zealand Fair?” competition is over, but it’s still a great activity for young people to find the best way to communicate facts about fairness in New Zealand.

Simply choose one or more facts from the fact-sheets, or from your own research. Use whatever method you like to communicate the fact/s: visual art, video, music, a game, a public debate or performance, software or social media, or something else of your choice! The aim is get people talking as much as possible.

Extra resources to use: Is NZ Fair? Extra Resources or check out Is New Zealand Fair? on Facebook

Contact: The Social Justice Unit – Christchurch Diocese, (Enable Javascript to see the email address)


Is NZ Fair Te Oranga Competition Entry