Social Justice & Outreach: Is NZ fair? How wealth is shared

Contributed by: Kate Day, Diocese of Christchurch

howwealthSUse this exercise to demonstrate how wealth is shared in New Zealand

  • The richest 10 percent own over half the country’s total wealth.
  • The richest 1 percent own 16 percent of total wealth.
  • The poorest 50 percent own just 5 percent of all wealth.

You will need: 20 people and 20 chairs.

Each person represents 5% of the population. The chairs represent NZ’s wealth.

People sit down on one chair each. If NZ’s wealth were evenly distributed, each person would get one chair.

Move people to show how wealth is actually shared:

  • 1 person owns 8 chairs. Their right arm alone (representing top 1%) owns three of these.
  • 1 person owns 2 chairs.
  • 8 people share 9 chairs.
  • 10 people share one chair.

What now?

Take a photo or video of your group doing this, share it with your church and use it as a springboard for your intercessions.

Lead into a discussion on issues around social justice – use these Talk Sparkers to kick off your conversations.

Encourage the group to do their own research about inequality in New Zealand.