Social Justice & Outreach: Join the Movement

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

What big issues do you care about most?

groupRing up an organization that inspires you, explain who you are and ask how you can help. You might like to try Amnesty International, Forrest and Bird, the Global Poverty Project, Green Peace, or the Social Justice wing of the Anglican Church.

Fairtrade. Run a campaign to make your church or school become fair trade. Let’s only stock fair trade tea, coffee, sugar and chocolate. Sweet sweet justice! Check out if your local café or supermarket stocks any fair trade tea, coffee or chocolate! If not, let them know (friendly-like) that you and your friends won’t buy from them until they stock fair trade. Write letters, request a meeting with the manager, or stage a friendly demonstration!

Read the paper together. Did anything in the local or national news stir you up or make you angry? Do you have an opinion to share or a demand to make? Sit down with your youth group and write short letters to the editor of the Press and email them in.

Alcohol abuse hurts everyone, and alcohol is too accessible. Run a quirky campaign to raise awareness for the need to get alcohol out of supermarkets. Your goal is to get a story in the paper.

Stop Buying Bombs. Run a campaign to get your church or school to stop supporting companies that produce & deal weapons. The brands that make projectors and other equipment sometimes also produce the weapons for war!

Fracking is a mining process that could contaminate our drinking water and trigger earthquakes. It could be coming to Canterbury. Armed with popcorn, baking, and the documentary about how fracking has harmed Australians (‘Gas Rush’), stage a peaceful protest with a local Member of Parliament, simply to get them to watch it with you.

From “Look Out! Twenty-one Ways to be Outward Looking with your Youth Group”, developed by the Social Justice Unit of the Christchurch Diocese: Kate Day, Jolyon White, Tessa Laing & Phil Trotter