Social Justice & Outreach: Live Below The Line

lbl14Do the “Live Below the Line” challenge together!

Live Below the Line is bringing about change and giving people hope. It is a campaign to create awareness and raise fund for some of the 1.2 billion people around the globe who live below the global poverty line – that’s the New Zealand equivalent of $2.25 a day. That’s $2.25 for food, shelter, transport, education, healthcare… absolutely everything. Live Below the Line partners with different organisations who work to help people out of extreme poverty. For these people, living on $2.25 a day isn’t a choice, it’s a reality.

Each year, thousands of Kiwis spend just $2.25 a day for 5 days on food and drink. By getting sponsors, participants raise awareness and funds to help more people over the poverty line. Give your youth a challenge to see how much money they can raise as a group!



You can sign up and find out more about Live Below the Line here.