Love your neighbour

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

Looking for ideas to help your youth group be a blessing to their local community?

Why not give one of these a try:Love your neighbour

Bake together as a youth group. Take your neighbours a plate of baking and start a conversation.

Get into a team, grab some gardening tools and offer to do outdoor work for people in your neighborhood (the older the better).

What is the most littered street or park you can think of nearby? Get in a team and clear it up. For the competitive amongst you, see who can fill a bag first.

Is there anyone lonely who might enjoy a visit and a chat? As a youth group or in smaller groups, visit a retirement home, a prison, or someone who is unwell in your parish.

From “Look Out! Twenty-one Ways to be Outward Looking with your Youth Group”, developed by the Social Justice Unit of the Christchurch Diocese: Kate Day, Jolyon White, Tessa Laing & Phil Trotter