Junior Youth: Genesis to Jesus 6: David & the Kings

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

GenesistoJesusThis is the sixth study in the Genesis to Jesus series, exploring the key people and stories of the Old Testament, and how they point the way to Jesus.

You will need: wrapped clues with verses (see ‘King David’s highlights & lowlights’ below), wrapping paper/newspaper, tape, scissors, Bibles, lollies, gold origami paper, computer with projector and speakers for video (optional)

Game: Ringleader

Everyone sits in a circle. 1 person is sent from the room to be the investigator while the rest of the group nominate a ringleader. Everything the ringleader does, the group has to do. The investigator has to try and guess who the ringleader is with just three guesses.

Say: “Today we’re continuing Genesis to Jesus, and we’re talking about leaders that God gave to the Israelites”

We want a king!

Explain that the Israelites had leaders and judges, but they didn’t have a king like the other nations. That’s because God was their king. That was what made them different from other cultures – they weren’t a kingdom ruled by a human king, they were a kingdom ruled by the one true king, God.

By asking for a king, they were effectively rejecting God as their king.

However God let them have kings anyway. Just like our world leaders today, some of their kings were good and some were bad. One of the best kings was King David.

King David – highlights/lowlights

David was a good king. But just like us, David had some highlights and lowlights in his life.

Explore these together by using the wrapped clues. Give them turns guessing what an object is, before unwrapping it, and then trying to guess what part of David’s life it is a clue to. Then, get them to read the bible verse as another clue. Give them a lolly if they get it correct or explain the story briefly if they still can’t figure it out.

Object Verse Story
1 Hand mirror 1 Samuel 16:1-7 Young David is God’s chosen leader. God looks not at appearance but at the heart.
2 Stones 1 Samuel 17:50 David kills Goliath
3 Toy Dagger/Sword 1 Samuel 20:31, 24:4-6 Saul is jealous & hunts down David, but David spares Saul’s life
4 Toy sheep Psalm 23:1 David writes the Psalms
5 Bubble bath or soap 2 Samuel 11:2 David commits adultery with Bathsheba

Point out that David definitely wasn’t perfect. But all in all, David was a good king, the best human king that Israel ever had. And God made some amazing promises to him, like ‘your descendants will rule forever’. In Isaiah 11, God also promised a great king would come from David who would be even greater than David, an ultimate King of Kings.

Jesus – King of Kings

David’s descendants were the kings of Israel for many years but then something terrible happened. The temple was destroyed and then there were no kings. For 600 years the Jews believed God’s promise, and waited and prayed desperately for God to send them a king who would save them – a king of kings, better than they’d ever had before.

But remember that God’s original plan was that Israel’s king was God, not a man. He let them have what they wanted and gave them human kings. But all along his plan was to establish his rule as king over them forever – God and man together…

Ask: So who was the ultimate King of Kings that God promised them? (Jesus)

Discuss how Jesus was the promised king. (Or if they can’t think of things, point out the following…)

  • Jesus was a descendent of David, so born of the royal line, fully God and fully man. God and human king together.
  • Jesus announced that the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven had come – because he was there on earth as God’s king establishing God’s rule on earth.
  • Jesus was killed because he was seen as ‘King of the Jews’ – a threat to the Roman rule
  • Now he is reigning over everything at God’s right hand side in heaven.
  • In Revelation He is called the king of kings,
  • He is a perfect king, never does anything wrong/selfish etc
  • He will come again and reign here on earth.

Say: “When we choose to follow Jesus, we choose to make him King of our lives and we look forward to when he comes again, as King of Kings of our world.”

Craft – Origami Crowns

Make origami crowns as a reminder that Jesus is the King of Kings. You may like to show this video tutorial.

Close with prayer.