Senior Youth: David’s Story

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

Throughout David’s life, he demonstrated some key attributes of following God – being chosen, trust, worship, obedience and repentance. This introduction to David’s story will give your youth a solid basis for exploring key themes and aspects of the life of King David. It is the first part of a study series for older teenagers, which looks at how David was ‘a man after God’s own heart’.

Key Passages: 1 Samuel & 2 Samuel

You will need: projector with speakers/screen, laptop, copies of David’s story from a children’s Bible, Bibles, whiteboard/paper, markers, The Lego Lowdown of David video, posters (optional)

Large Group Teaching: An Introduction to David

David was only a young boy when he was called in from tending his father’s sheep to be anointed as the true king of Israel. As soon as David was anointed, the Spirit of the Lord departed from King Saul (the current King of Israel). Later on, when evil spirits then began tormenting Saul, David was bought into the king’s service to play to lyre and help him calm down. Initially Saul was pleased with young David, but this feeling vanished quickly as David rose in strength to slay the Philistine giant, Goliath, and win the overwhelming favour of the people. David ends up on the run, trying to avoid being killed by Saul, and although Saul never stopped pursuing him with the intent to kill him, David never raised a hand against his king and God’s anointed. Saul eventually dies, and when David becomes king, he raises up a mighty army and with power from God defeated everyone in his path, always asking God first for permission and instructions before going into battle. Throughout the life of David, God honoured and rewarded this unconditional obedience of His servant and gave him success in everything he did.
It wasn’t all good however, one of David’s biggest mistakes during his life was his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba and the slaying of her husband – the major consequence of this being the death of David’s first son. David realises the gravity of his mistake though, he repents before the Lord and his broken heart and contrite spirit are what brought him the forgiveness of God.
David also wrote of a lot of the Psalms, and in these songs to the Lord, we capture a glimpse of his heart and see how he worshipped God through the good and bad seasons of his life!

Small Group Activity: Getting to know the Story of David

Print out summaries of the following part’s of David’s life (we used the Children’s Illustrated Bible summaries):

  1. The Choosing of David
  2. David & Goliath
  3. David in Danger
  4. A Faithful Friend
  5. David the Outlaw
  6. David becomes King
  7. Bring the Ark to Jerusalem
  8. David & Bathsheba

Get into small groups, and assign each group one or two parts of David’s story, with the following instructions:

In your groups, read through your part of David’s story. Together come up with a creative way to tell your part of the story to the rest of the group in 2-3 minutes. Try and answer these questions as you tell it back:

  • What were the key events?
  • How did David respond?
  • What do we learn about David’s relationship with God in this part of his story?

Get the small groups to report back.

Large Group Media: Watch The Lego Lowdown of David


This study series includes a series of free printable A3 posters which you can print and display in your youth space, one for each theme. Download all five David posters.