Discovering your Heart and Personality

This second part of the ‘Discovering Your SHAPE’ series focuses on finding out their personality type and the heart that God has given them for people and causes.

About the ‘Discovering Your SHAPE’ series

‘Discovering Your SHAPE’ is a teaching series all about helping teenagers learn about their identity, with a special focus on how they can uniquely help others and impact their church and community using the gifts and skills God has given them. See Discovering your unique ‘SHAPE’ for more information about this series.

Session 2: Discovering Your Heart and Personality

You will need: AV equipment, Bibles, pens, printed copies of the SHAPE booklets – enough for one per person.

Game (optional)

You may like to start with a getting to know you game or icebreaker, such as Bang.


Recap the theme for this series – SHAPE stands for:

  • S – Spiritual gifts – “how has God gifted you?”
  • H – Heart – “what do you love to do? What are you passionate about?”
  • A – Abilities – “what natural abilities or talents were you born with?”
  • P – Personality – “what is your unique personality?”
  • E – Experiences – “how can your experiences, both good and bad, be used to help others?”

Remember: There’s no right or wrong SHAPE – there’s just your shape, the shape that God has given you and that he wants you to be –fearfully and wonderfully made by him, and totally unique to you.

P: Personality

Ask the group to explain what they think we mean by someone’s ‘personality’.

Explain that there are lots of different ways to describe and explain people’s personalities. Some of you might have heard of terms like introvert/extrovert, Myers Briggs, the Enneagram… Today we are going to do a simple quiz that groups people into 4 personality types based on 4 different animals: Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever and Beaver

If you can, get your youth to take Attitude’s online Personality Quiz. Alternatively, they can complete the Personality Quiz on page 8 of their SHAPE booklet. When they have discovered their personality type, they need to read through the description on page 9.

Get them to share with the person next to them what their personality type is.

Discuss in small groups:

  • Do you agree with this description of your personality? Or does one of the other animals sound more like you?
  • Why do you think God has given us different personalities?
  • How could it be helpful to know our own personality type?
  • How could it be helpful to know the personality type of other people, like your Mum/Dad for example? Or your youth leader/pastor?

H: Heart

Today we are also exploring the ‘H’ which stands for ‘Heart’. Heart is what you are passionate about – the people and issues that God has put on your heart. It’s often shown by a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement you have for something.

It’s quite easy to spot when people have a real ‘heart’ or passion for something.

Ask: For example, Richie McCaw – what would you say he is passionate about?
How about Mother Theresa?

When people have something on their heart, they can make a big difference in people’s lives and can be very inspiring to others. A great example of this is Martin Luther King Jr, the man famous for his ‘I Have A Dream’. In a moment, we’re going to watch a clip about him, and as you watch, I want you to see if you can figure out what his ‘heart’ was. I will ask you about it afterwards…

Play MLK – The King and His Dream

Ask: What did God put on his heart? What issues was Martin Luther King Jr passionate about? Who were the people that he cared about?

While it can be easy to spot in other people, sometimes it can be tricky to spot our own ‘heart’. Sometimes it is something that grows as we get older too. In our small groups, we are going to try some questions that may help you figure out what your ‘heart’ is – who you care about, the things you feel excited about, the issues or causes you feel strongly about.

Discuss in small groups:

  • If you could snap your fingers and know you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?
  • At the end of my life I’d love to look back and know that I’d done something about…
  • What would your friends say you are really interested in?
  • What do you talk about with your friends?

Then get them to individually complete the Heart profile on page 6 of their SHAPE booklet.

Some of them may like to share their ‘Heart’ with the group if time allows.


God gave Martin Luther King Jr a heart to see people treated equally and fairly, and he used him to change a nation, and his heart still inspires people today. God is putting things on your heart too, and he wants to use you too to bring change in people’s lives and inspire others.

Pray in small groups or groups of three about their ‘heart’. You may like to play the song ‘Hosanna’ in the background as they pray.