Using your unique ‘SHAPE’

Contributed by: Emily Paterson and Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

The final session in the ‘Discovering Your SHAPE’ series will help them see how the different aspects of their unique ‘SHAPE’ come together and discover how they can use their SHAPE to help others and to honour God.

About the ‘Discovering Your SHAPE’ series

‘Discovering Your SHAPE’ is a teaching series all about helping teenagers learn about their identity, with a special focus on how they can uniquely help others and impact their church and community using the gifts and skills God has given them. See Discovering your unique ‘SHAPE’ for more information about this series.

Session 5: Using your unique SHAPE

You will need: basic craft supplies (felts, coloured pencils, stickers etc), glue, scissors, printed copies of the SHAPE booklets – enough for one per person.

Game – Shapes

Play some music. Youth walk or dance around the room while music plays. When the music stops call out a number and a shape, e.g. 5 car. Youth have to quickly get into groups of that number (e.g. groups of 5) and as a group work together to be the first group to form the shape of that object (e.g. car) with their bodies. Repeat a number of times. You may like to award spot prizes to people or groups as you play, e.g. most creative, great teamwork.

Bringing it all together – Creating your SHAPE cube

Get each person to complete, decorate and assemble their SHAPE cube on page 11 of their SHAPE booklet (see the instructions on that page).  This activity will help them remember the different aspects of their SHAPE and reinforce that these aspects all come together to form who God has made them to be.
If you have been teaching this material over a series of weeks, you may like to give them time to finish complete any parts of the SHAPE booklet that they have missed while the others create their cubes.

Talk with them as they work and answer any questions they might have about their SHAPE as they work on their cube. Use this time to help them start thinking about how the different parts of their SHAPE might work together.

In small groups, spend some discussing how God is currently using you and your SHAPE in the following areas. Also think about whether there are other ways in which God might want to use you and your SHAPE in these areas:

  • School/Uni
  • Home
  • Church
  • Community
  • Globally

Share with your group a time when you felt like God used your SHAPE.

Share an idea about how you could use aspects of your SHAPE to help others or to honour God.


Break into groups of three to pray. Thank God for the SHAPE he has given you. Pray that he would show you how he would like you to use it. Ask God for words or pictures for each other.

Encourage them to take their cube home as a reminder of their unique, God-given SHAPE.