Senior Youth: The Two Towers – Romans Style

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Bible Study on Romans 7:14-25

Big Idea: Jesus sets us free to do the good we want to do and overcome the sin that holds us back


Romans 7 describes an internal battle we all face between our good and our dark sides.

Think about yourself. What good thing do you want to do … but more often than not, don’t actually do? (e.g. donating money, befriending that lonely kid at school, doing the dishes at home etc …)

What “bad” thing do you not want to do, but you do it anyway? (e.g. Biting nails, angry at little sister, bad habits, anger, lies etc…)

Read Romans 7:14-25

In the film The Two Towers, Gollum faces the internal battle Paul describes.

Show Chapters 21-22 on the DVD or watch “Gollum” on YouTube

Debate: does Romans 7:14-25 describe people as basically GOOD or basically EVIL? Form two groups to take either side of the question; each groups finds evidence from Romans 7:14-25 to argue for one or other view (see lists below).

VERSE Case for People are good Case for People are evil
14 I am unspiritual; a slave to sin
15 I want to do good, I hate what I do I do what I hate
16 I agree the law is good
17 It is no longer I who do it …but sin living in me
18 Nothing good lives in me
I have the desire to do what is good… …but I cannot carry it out
19 the good I want to do Keep doing evil; don’t do good
20 if I don’t want to do it, its no longer I who do it… …it’s the sin living in me
21 I want to do good… …evil is right there
22 in my inner being I delight in God’s law
23 …another law at work in the members of my body… making me a prisoner
25 In my mind I am… a slave to God’s law but a slave to the law of sin

SUMMARY: Good lies in our inner being (we are made in God’s image, and God said “it was very good.” Genesis 1:26,31)  YET Evil lies in us also (“All have fallen short of God’s glory” Romans 3:23)

From where does our victory over sin come?  Verse 24-25: from outside of us, in Christ.

Show “Forth Eorlingas” – Chapter 48 on the DVD or on YouTube: “Lord of the Rings: Two Towers | Battle of Helmsdeep”

Like Helms Deep, a battle wages within us between good and evil. Like Gandalf there, our victory comes through Christ so that sin no longer holds us back and we are free to be who God wants us to be.

When desiring good: call on Christ – claim Christ’s power to do good.
When desiring evil: call on Christ – claim Christ’s power to overcome evil.