Hooks: A Life You Will Remember

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Use Avicii’s song “The Nights” to raise the all important question: “Who is Jesus?”.

Starting with the song’s key lyric – “live a life you will remember” – this interactive message will get your youth thinking about what it takes to live a life that will be remembered, and explore why Jesus is still remembered today.

Open with The Nights by Avicii

The key line in this song is “Live a Life you will Remember”. But I want to take a slightly different tack and ask “How will you live a life that other people will remember, say 150 years after you ‘leave this world behind’?”

Imagine you’ve been asked to upload a vlog or write a book on “How to be Famous 150 Years after you Die.” What would you vlog/write?Hear back from group. (We had answers like: be a conqueror, be a humanitarian; ‘artistic’ achievement; invent something that changes our way of life.)

Show a slide of famous people and offer sweets to anyone who can name who they are and how long they’ve been dead (see example below)


Answers: Albert Einstein (died 1955), Abraham Lincoln (d. 1865), Te Whiti (d. 1907), Tupac (d. 1995), Queen Victoria (d. 1901), Charlie Chaplain (d. 1977), William Wilberforce (d. 1833)

If I was writing that book “How 2b Famous after 150”, I’d say this:

  1. Be born in some obscure village that few people have even heard about.
  2. Work as a labourer all your life, and die in your thirties.
  3. Don’t write a book. Don’t hold an office. Don’t raise an army.
  4. Don’t marry or have any kids.
  5. Don’t own a home or anything substantial really. In fact stay pretty much poor all your life.
  6. Do not go to University. In fact, don’t even travel more than say two hundred miles from where you were born.
  7. Upset people. Say things people don’t like. Scare what few friends you have so that they betray you or run away or pretend they don’t know you. Make sure people hate you enough to stand by while the authorities arrest you, beat you up and let you die from your injuries.
  8. Get buried in an unmarked grave.*

*This list is adapted from One Solitary Life by Dr James Allan Francis (1926)

Now – would that be a best seller or what?! Is that a formula for being famous? But this is the story of someone who has been famous for nearly 2000 years! Of course I’m talking about Jesus.

He has no right to be famous. It doesn’t make sense. He really shouldn’t be, with that list of credentials. UNLESS … there was something else going on…

One of the most important questions we will ever face is “Who is Jesus?” And it’s fair that we should ask it. We know historically that Jesus existed – there is more historical evidence that he existed than there is for Julius Caesar, (probably even than my great grandfather!) but who was he?

Who’s C.S. Lewis? (Someone who may be remembered 150 years after he died)

C.S. Lewis once said Jesus was either a Liar, or a Lunatic or Lord because he said “I’m the Son of God.” So we don’t get to say “Jesus was a good man, a kind soul, a great teacher … because he said “I’m God’s son” so he either lied about that, or was a nutter who thought he was God’s Son, OR he was who he said he was, the Son of God.

Who is Bono? (He might also be remembered 150 years after he dies).

He said this: (Play Bono on the Question: Who is Jesus)

So what will you decide? Was Jesus the Son of God or just some NUTTER!?