The Fox and the Narrow Road

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

thefoxStart with a game of hangman, awarding a lolly to everyone who guesses a correct letter. The clue was “Two Phrases”, the answers were: “BE  SHARP” and “LOOK CLOSER”

Jesus said, “The road to life is narrow and not many people find it, but the road to destruction is wide and many people travel along it”. (Matthew 7:13-14)

What do you think he meant?

One meaning I take is this…

  1. BE SHARP – Often things look really good – but they turn out to be bad for us; like KFC
  2. LOOK CLOSER – Others times, things don’t look so good, but turn out to be really good, e.g. like forgiving someone who hurt you, or being faithful to one person for life.

Here’s another example: how to make a viral music video.

If you wanted to make a viral music video, what sure-fire components would you include? Make a list of their suggestions.

But what if you decided:

  • Instead of sexy young people… you would feature an old man reading a story to a kid;
  • Instead of exploring the mystery of human love … you would explore the mystery of animal sounds;
  • instead of lots of bling and scanty clothing… you thought “Let’s dress up like animals!”
  • instead of clever lyrics and lots of urban slang… you thought “let’s make animal noises!”;
  • instead of making something with a teen or adult vibe … let’s make something that kids would like.

That’ll go viral, right?! Don’t think so… yet a couple of Norwegian brothers did just that.

Show “The Fox”

These brothers took the narrow road. They did something unexpected and surprising. Something that, on paper, looked nuts. But it’s going very well. After 1 week, it had 16,000,000 views (It reached the ‘Viral level’ within 3 days ie. 5,000,000 within a week)

Being a Christian & choosing to follow Jesus is like that – on the outside it doesn’t look like a good idea because it doesn’t follow popular thinking and it won’t make you popular.

But as a way of life – it’s gold.

Jesus’ way is to: share your stuff, especially with people who struggle; to not be greedy; to think of others, not just you; have no enemies; no pay back; don’t get drunk; to honour God; to say sorry when you hurt someone.

And you think, “What…? That’s ridiculous.”

But …

BE SHARP. Just because something looks good and is popular, doesn’t mean it’s the right idea.

And … LOOK CLOSER . Just because something looks like a dumb idea, don’t just dismiss it … there may be something amazing there.

On paper – the Fox did not look like a hit – it looked ridiculous. But it’s huge …

Like Jesus and Christianity – I get it, it does not look good on the surface… on the surface it looks like rules.  But actually… it’s about freedom; on the surface it looks boring. But actually it’s about full and abundant life.    These ideas of Jesus sound ridiculous… but they just might bring you and those around you an awesome life.

And Christianity has gone viral – 1 in 9 people on the planet are Christians.

BE SHARP. Just because 8/9 people choose the wide road and say “Nah…” to Jesus, don’t just go along with it blindly.

LOOK CLOSER.  Just because only 1 in 9 people consider the Narrow Road, don’t just write it off.

Jesus is worth a look.