Devotional: Worship Jars

Contributed by: Charlie Baker

worshipjarsYour youth will make their way around a series of stations to create personalised Worship Jars filled with items that will encourage and inspire them to worship God.

You will need: recycled jars (with labels removed) – enough for one per person –  and simple craft supplies (coloured paper, glue, scissors, coloured pens & pencils, glitter, stickers etc).

Set up a number of creative stations around your meeting space. At each station, youth will create items to put in their jar that will prompt and inspire them to worship God. Each station needs a sign with simple instructions and the appropriate craft supplies.

Station examples:

  1. Draw a picture of something in creation that prompts you to worship God.
  2. Take 2 (small) pieces of paper. On each one, write something you are thankful to God for.
  3. Take 3 popsicle sticks. On each one, write a word or phrase that describes God – who He is and how amazing He is.
  4. Write out and decorate a favourite verse about worship (we supplied this list of verses for them to choose from).
  5. Decorate your worship jar (make this the last station).

Give everyone a jar, put on some background worship music and invite them to move around each of the stations. When they have finished, encourage them to take their jar home and use it during the week. They can pull out something from their jar, and use that item as a starting point to spend a few minutes in worship. Also encourage them to keep adding to their jars at home with anything that inspires them to worship (e.g. lyrics of a favourite worship song, a found object that reminds them of God’s character…)

Variation: You can also use this idea to create Prayer Jars by simply changing the focus of some of the stations e.g. writing names of people to pray for, cutting out articles from a newspaper to prompt intercession, writing out verses about prayer.