Active & Interactive Prayers: Psalm 23 Prayer Stations

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

A series of four interactive prayer stations based on David’s famous psalm, Psalm 23. You can use this on its own, or as part of this series on David – A man after God’s own heart.


Beforehand, print out these instruction sheets. Set up each of the four stations in your meeting space with the equipment needed (the equipment required is listed below for each station). Create a playlist of quiet worship music which can be played in the background while your young people move around the stations.


Give a simple introduction to Psalm 23. If you are using this as part of a series on David, emphasise that this was one of his psalms. Watch this animated version of the text or simply read through the whole psalm together.


Explain that there are four prayer stations set up around the room based on Psalm 23. At each station are Bible verses to read and instructions for a prayer activity based on those verses.

Give clear guidelines for how your youth are to engage with the prayer stations, for example:

  • This is a special time for you to spend with God.
  • Do these activities silently and prayerfully.
  • Respect other people’s time with God by not distracting them.
  • You can choose how long you spend at each station and what order you do them in.
  • If a station is full, wait quietly until you can have your turn.

Play some quiet worship music in the background while they work their way around the stations.

Station 1 – Psalm 23 v1-2

Equipment: Instruction sheet 1, Bibles, large sheet of green card, cotton wool, pens, glue

READ: Psalm 23v1-2

God is our shepherd and provider.  Jesus said, “I am the Good Shepherd who knows my own sheep by name.” (John 10:11) He knows you personally and cares for you.

DO: Make a sheep out of cotton wool and glue it onto the ‘field’. Draw on the sheep’s legs and head. Write your name next to the sheep.

PRAY: Thank God that he is your shepherd and you are his sheep. Thank him that he knows you and cares for you.

Station 2 – Psalm 23 v3

Equipment: Instruction sheet 2, Bibles, a large piece of brown paper with a path drawn down the centre, pens/crayons

READ: Psalm 23v3

God renews our strength when we feel weak, he heals us and restores us. When we are tempted to follow the crowd, to not care or to be selfish, He shows us the way to live in love and truth.

DO: Think of situations when you find it hard to make a good choice or to know what to do. Write or draw those situations on the sides of the path. Then write or draw on the path some of the good choices that Jesus wants you to make.

PRAY: Pray that Jesus will show you the right path and help you to make good choices.

Station 3 – Psalm 23 v4

Equipment: Instruction sheet 3, Bibles, a large piece of black paper, black pens

READ: Psalm 23v4

No matter what kind of hard times we are facing – whether we feel sad, scared, worried… Jesus is always with us. In the midst of the darkness, He protects, guides and comforts us.

DO: Write or draw on the black paper anything that is causing you to feel fear, doubt, worry or anxiety.

PRAY: Talk to God about your fears and worries. Ask God for His peace.

Station 4 – Psalm 23 v5-6

Equipment: Instruction sheet 4, Bibles, gift box, small pieces of paper, pens

READ: Psalm 23v5-6

God continually blesses us with good things – they are like gifts from Him every day. From the huge gift of His Son and His victory over death and sin on the cross, to things like sun-shine and good friends.

DO: On the pieces of paper, write down some of the good things God has given you. Put them inside the gift box.

PRAY: Thank God for some specific ways He has shown you His goodness and love today.


Finish up by watching this version of Psalm 23 by Shift Worship. It is available to purchase from Worship House Media.

Close with prayer.