Christmas & Easter: 40 Day Lent Challenge 2015

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

Anglican Youth Ministries has created a new 40 Day Lent Challenge for 2015! This year’s challenge consists of 40 simple and fun tasks designed to show teenagers what it looks like to love God and love their neighbours.

The team at AYM have stepped it up a level this year too, with an interactive online calendar featuring original photographs for each day. When clicked on, the images reveal each day’s challenge.  Sundays have been set aside as ‘rest’ day to do the lectionary’s readings for Lent.

The challenge becomes active one week at a time. You can get a preview of Week One now.

It’s been created with teenagers in mind, but it can easily adapted for young adults – or even your whole church.

40 Day Lent Challenge 2015

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