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All play: Egg Catcher

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

This classic egg catching competition is a great one for Easter!
Play in pairs. Each pair is given an egg that they must throw and catch between them without breaking.
Start 2 metres apart and with each successful throw, extend the distance they must throw between, until you have one pair... See more

Recommended Resources: Kahoot! Quizzes

Contributed by: Charlie Baker

Kahoot! is a free online tool which makes it easy to create fun, multiplayer quizzes. These quizzes are great for youth group - play them just for fun or use them as a learning tool. See more

All play: Spoons of Glory

Contributed by: Luke Shaw, Diocese of Nelson

Set up a ring of spoons - one for each player minus one - on a table top. Youth sit around the table with their arms behind their backs. When the leader says the designated word, youth must lunge to grab a spoon. If they are successful, they stay in the game. If not, they’re out for the round.... See more