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How To: Discussing Internet Safety with Young People

Contributed by: Lorna Gray, National Youth Facilitator

Most young people don’t see the internet as something they engage in; rather it is a vital part of everyday living – like electricity is. Phones aren’t a luxury in their minds but an essential part of life. Here are some questions that may be helpful in helping young people consider their... See more

Safety: Internet Safety

Contributed by: Lorna Gray, National Youth Facilitator

What is available on the internet - and the challenges this presents - is constantly evolving and changing.  It is important to keep up to date and current.
The NZ Police are specifically saying that parents and teens should know two things:

  1. Once a picture or video leaves... See more

Senior Youth: Social Media and Apps

Contributed by: Lorna Gray, National Youth Facilitator

An interactive activity to help young people reflect on their use of social media and apps in light of what the Bible says. Perfect for both individuals and groups of young people.
Using the online quiz tool, Kahoot, create a quiz to help them unpack their response to the following verses. Get... See more

Safety: 15 Apps To Be Aware Of

Contributed by: Lorna Gray, National Youth Facilitator

Here are fifteen apps to be aware of in terms of keeping our young people safe online, including a quick summary as well as any issues to be aware of with and how young people are using these apps. The online world is forever changing and evolving, so get in touch if you are aware of any popular... See more

Recommended Resources: Apps to help young people connect with God

Contributed by: Lorna Gray, National Youth Facilitator

There are loads of great apps out there that help young people to grow and connect with God. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Engage: Scripture Union's audio bible with daily questions and closing prayer.

  • YouVersion's 'The Bible': Daily verses sent out (can be in a... See more

Devotional: Engage

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

Engage is a new way to engage with God through scripture. Created by Scripture Union NZ, its a daily Bible reading app that is aimed at getting young kiwis exploring the Bible every day.
New audio Bible readings, along with discussion questions you can follow with on-screen, are released every... See more

Recommended Resources: First Aid App

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

Life saving skills at your fingertips! The New Zealand Red Cross has a free first aid app. It's a comprehensive pocket guide to first aid and emergency response. It features simple, easy advice on everyday first aid scenarios, as well as tips on how to prepare for natural disasters and... See more