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Recommended Resources: Apps to help young people connect with God

Contributed by: Lorna Gray, National Youth Facilitator

There are loads of great apps out there that help young people to grow and connect with God. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Engage: Scripture Union's audio bible with daily questions and closing prayer.

  • YouVersion's 'The Bible': Daily verses sent out (can be in a... See more

Bible Engagement: The Journey – A Framework for Understanding & Interpreting Scripture

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

Being able to understand and interpret scripture is an important skill in Christian leadership - not only for our own personal growth as a disciple of Jesus, but also for teaching others. This is a training session on how to use the framework of a 'journey' for understanding and interpreting... See more

Developing Leaders: Seven Pathways to God

Contributed by: Emily Paterson and Kirstin Cant, Diocese of Auckland

A series of exercises to help young leaders and older teens to explore different ways of engaging and connecting with God.
God has made us all uniquely. Therefore, the way we draw close to and connect with God will be different for each of us too. Prayer and reading scripture are really... See more

Devotional: Engage

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

Engage is a new way to engage with God through scripture. Created by Scripture Union NZ, its a daily Bible reading app that is aimed at getting young kiwis exploring the Bible every day.
New audio Bible readings, along with discussion questions you can follow with on-screen, are released every... See more

Recommended Resources: Student’s Guide to the Bible

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, National Youth Advisor

This is one of Phil Trotter's favourite resources! He highly recommends that every youth group has a copy of the Student's Guide to the Bible.
It’s a great resource just to have lying around the youth room. Because of its magazine style format– young people will pick it up and read... See more

Bible Engagement: Head Heart Hands

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

Here is a simple method to use when reading scripture: respond with your head, heart and hands.
To make the most of this method, create a space that is quiet and free of distractions from the outside world or from your own busy mind.
Start by reading your chosen Bible passage, then ask... See more

Bible Engagement: Kairos Method

The Kairos Method is a simple way to read the Bible, inviting readers to focus on a God thought, Life thought and Self thought that arises out of the passage.
To make the most of this method, create a space that is quiet and free of distractions from the outside world or from your own busy... See more

Bible Engagement: Swedish Symbol Method

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

The Swedish Symbol Method is a straightforward Bible reading method with three helpful symbols to help you get into the passage.
Start by choosing a passage - this method is most suited to the teachings of Jesus and sections of the Epistles.
Read the passage, then use the following three... See more

Bible Engagement: How to do Lectio Divina with a Small Group

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

Lectio Divina
Lectio Divina is an ancient form of seeking to hear God speak to us through the Scriptures, which is attributed to Saint Benedict (c. 480 – c.543). Here the basic form has been adapted for use by small groups.
Small Group Method
Start by choosing the text that you... See more

Devotional: A Welcome Interruption

Contributed by: Scottie Reeve, Diocese of Wellington

‘A Welcome Interruption’ online Liturgy Resource
Blueprint Church Community in the Anglican Diocese of Wellington has created an online Liturgy - a resource for people to develop a rhythm of prayer and to re-engage with this ancient form of devotion.  The project is called ‘A Welcome... See more