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All play: Bodyguard

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

All you need is a soft ball (not a softball!) and a minimum of four players. Two players step into the circle. One is the “President” the other the “Bodyguard”. Everyone else forms a circle around these two. The players around the circle throw the ball to try and hit the President. The... See more

All play: Make Me Laugh

Group sits in a circle and a volunteer in the middle selects someone whom they will try to get to laugh. If they fail, they move on to someone else. If they get the person to laugh, that person is ‘in’ and swaps places with them. Now it’s their turn to make someone else in the circle... See more

All play: Bang!

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Group forms a circle and someone e.g. a leader calls the name of a player. Immediately the people either side of the named player turn to that person, form their hand into a gun and say “Bang!” The person named tries to ‘duck’ by bobbing down.
The slowest person to ‘duck’ or to say... See more

All play: Move If

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Have everyone seated. Instruct people to move according to your directions, if they fit the description. Soon you’ll have some funny pile ups and lots of laughter. Check beforehand for people with a disability or injury that may exclude them.
Move 1 seat to the left if …. you’re wearing... See more