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Talks: Love Your Neighbour

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

A message on Jesus' command to “love your neighbour as you love yourself", based around a reflection on the video, "The DNA Journey".
Depending on how easy it might be to engage your group, either start with the pop quiz introduction (below), or just settle them and say, "Watch this,"... See more

Junior Youth: Genesis to Jesus 4: Moses & the Law

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

This is the fourth in a series exploring the key people and stories of the Old Testament, and how they point the way to Jesus.
weird laws game show
Divide your youth into teams, and get each group to decide on a noise which they will use as their buzzer.
Round One
They need to be... See more

Reflective Prayers: Love the Lord Your God – Worship Stations

Contributed by: Charlie Baker and Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland

These seven worship stations work well as part of a youth group session, a youth or all age service, or camp. Adapt the wording as needed to suit your situation.
You may like to begin with a discussion or message about God's love and worship being our response of love to His love, using... See more

Teaching Games: The Law: Exodus

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

Activities you can use to help your youth to explore and relate to the story of Exodus. "The Law" is part 4 of a series on Exodus.
The Big Idea: Being obedient, living the way he requires
Passages you could look at: Exodus 19:3-6, Exodus 20:1-17, Matthew 5:17-20, John 14:15
Game... See more

Social Justice & Outreach: Love your neighbour

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

Looking for ideas to help your youth group be a blessing to their local community?
Why not give one of these a try:
Bake together as a youth group. Take your neighbours a plate of baking and start a conversation.
Get into a team, grab some gardening tools and offer to do outdoor work... See more