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How To: Discussing Internet Safety with Young People

Contributed by: Lorna Gray, National Youth Facilitator

Most young people don’t see the internet as something they engage in; rather it is a vital part of everyday living – like electricity is. Phones aren’t a luxury in their minds but an essential part of life. Here are some questions that may be helpful in helping young people consider their... See more

Community Builders: Fruitful Conversations

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

In small groups, young people share about their experiences with the Fruit of the Spirit and/or Kingdom character traits. Use the green Fruit of the Spirit cards and/or the blue Kingdom Traits cards (gifted to participants at The Abbey 2018). Alternatively, you can print your own sets of cards... See more

Community Builders: Jesus Questions

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch

Young people share openly and honestly their questions about Jesus in a supportive small group. Use both the red and purple sets of Jesus cards (gifted to participants at The Abbey 2017) or print your own sets (Red Set / Purple Set).
Spread the cards face up on the floor or on a table that... See more

Senior Youth: Joseph’s Story

Contributed by: Emily Paterson, Diocese of Auckland

Joseph’s life was full of all sorts of ups and downs. It is a powerful story for helping young people journey with God through the ups and downs of their own lives. This Bible study divides Joseph's story into six key acts and will help your young people become familiar with his... See more

Hooks: 7 years

Contributed by: Darcy Perry, Bishopric of Waikato

Using the song "7 Years" by Lukas Graham, invite young people to think about what shapes them and what influences them as they grow.
Ask: Who knows the song? Who knows what it is about?
Use their answers and add what you need to park the idea that it’s about the people,... See more

Developing Leaders: Young Leaders Training: Shepherds and Sheep

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

'Shepherds and Sheep' is a training session intended to be used with a group of young leaders. By looking at Jesus, the Good Shepherd, they will discover more about Christian leadership and how to care for their own 'sheep'.
If appropriate, you could share briefly about how... See more

Senior Youth: Bread of Life

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland

'Bread of Life' is a Bible study on John 6:25-40, based on the key idea that Jesus is essential for life.
Key scripture: "Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." John... See more

Young Adults: Hospitality

Contributed by: Spanky Moore, Diocese of Christchurch

Hospitality – How we welcome guests and new people says a lot about who we are. How could we recover the art of great hospitality in our groups and create regular times to eat and hang out together over food?
A study on Genesis 18:1-8 and Matthew 25:34-40 for young adults from the Society... See more

Young Adults: Keeping It Local

Contributed by: Spanky Moore, Diocese of Christchurch

Keeping It Local - What does Christ’s incarnation teach us about engaging in our local neighbourhoods, committing deeply to the people around us, and transforming our communities? What would happen if we committed to our churches, each other and to our neighbours for the long haul?
A study on... See more