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Junior Youth: Light vs Dark

Contributed by: Charlie Baker, Diocese of Auckland, 28 August 2017

'Light vs Dark' is the fourth session in a teaching series called ‘Light/Dark’. Throughout this series, your youth will discover more about Jesus as the Light of the World, his victory over darkness on the cross, and the transforming power of his light in our lives… all through the... See more

Christmas & Easter: A Resurrection Journey

Contributed by: The Diocese of Auckland, 3 April 2017

A Resurrection Journey is an online, multi-media journey that takes us from Palm Sunday and runs all the way to Pentecost. That's 57 days of Scripture, prayer practices, questions for reflection and practical action.
Created by the Auckland Diocese, the content is drawn from a range of authors... See more

Christmas & Easter: Burying the Alleluia

Contributed by: Rev Jemma Allen, Diocese of Auckland, 28 February 2017

In many churches it is the tradition to abstain from saying or singing ‘Alleluia’ during Lent. Lent is a solemn season and we ‘save’ the word 'Alleluia' for our resurrection rejoicing.  'Burying the Alleluia' is an acitvity which can be done during a service... See more

Teaching Games: Lent Quiz

Contributed by: Eleanor Calder, Diocese of Auckland, 15 February 2016

Learn about Lent and have fun at the same time! This Lent Quiz is short, fun and easy to run in your youth group as part of your Lent programme.  To make the quiz more challenging (e.g. for older teenagers), simply leave out the multi-choice options and see what answers they come up... See more

Christmas & Easter: A Journey to Easter

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland, 9 February 2016

A Journey to Easter: Lent 2016 is an online, multi-media journey to prepare our hearts for Easter.
Be inspired by the Sermon on the Mount, discover new prayer practices, participate in activities and open your heart to the world that we live in.
Created by the Auckland Diocese,... See more

Christmas & Easter: Watch The Lamb

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, 2 March 2015

Bring the moving song "Watch The Lamb" by Ray Boltz to life by inviting members of your youth group and Sunday School to mime/act it out while it plays over your sound system.
Performed on Palm Sunday or during any Easter service, it brings Jesus’ Passion and sacrifice home in a powerful... See more

Christmas & Easter: 40 Day Lent Challenge 2015

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland, 16 February 2015

Anglican Youth Ministries has created a new 40 Day Lent Challenge for 2015! This year's challenge consists of 40 simple and fun tasks designed to show teenagers what it looks like to love God and love their neighbours.
The team at AYM have stepped it up a level this year too, with an... See more

Young Adults: Temptation

Contributed by: Spanky Moore, Diocese of Christchurch, 9 February 2015

Sometimes it can feel like the world is full of temptations pulling us away from God - and it seems almost impossible to resist. How do followers of Jesus deal with a world that seems to encouraging us to act on our immediate desires?
A study on Luke 4:1-3 for young adults from the Society of... See more

Young Adults: Lent

Contributed by: Spanky Moore, Diocese of Christchurch, 2 February 2015

Lent is the season when we remember Jesus’ 40 days of testing in the Wilderness and his victory over the evil temptations. Why is Lent so important that I’d want to give up coffee for it?
A study on Luke 4:1-3 for young adults from the Society of Salt and Light, in Christchurch.
THE... See more

Community Builders: Camp Debrief

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, 5 May 2014

After your latest camp, get the feedback rolling from your youth group with one throw of a dice!
Sit in a circle in groups of 4-10 with a leader. Take turns rolling a dice. Answer the question attached to the number rolled.
What was your favourite...?

  1. Worship experience or... See more

Active & Interactive Prayers: The Wall

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, 31 March 2014

Young people create a newsprint ‘wall of sin’ to illustrate how sin cuts us off from God and to show how Jesus breaks down the wall between us and God.
You will need: newsprint, vivids, blue-tak or masking tape, a cross, a candle, matches and a good torch.
This works best at night and... See more

Junior Youth: What’s that got to do with Easter?

Contributed by: Susan Baldwin, 26 March 2014

Learn more about the story of Easter through the objects named in the Bible.
Split the group into teams of 5-8 (for fun ways to do this see our Team Forming Games).
Step 1: Make the Connection
Place the selected objects (e.g bread, nails, towel, sword - see list below) in... See more

Young Adults: The Answer

Contributed by: Spanky Moore, Diocese of Christchurch, 17 March 2014

For followers of Jesus, his death on the cross and resurrection is seen as the most important moment in the history of the universe, and God’s ultimate answer to the problem of sin and evil. But how and why was Jesus’ death the solution?
A study on Romans 3:21-26 for young adults from the... See more

Christmas & Easter: 40 Day Lent Challenge

Contributed by: Karen Spoelstra, Diocese of Auckland, 12 March 2014

A 40 Day Lent Challenge designed especially for teenagers!
It encourages young people to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as they journey toward Easter with daily challenges for home, school and the weekend.
We love the 'Foto Friday' photo challenge every Friday, and the Sunday readings from... See more

Senior Youth: Jesus Stopped: A Bible Study on Mark 10:46-52

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, 12 March 2014

Big Idea
Jesus is the compassionate king, distracted even from his biggest mission by one man in need.
Launching Questions
1. What stops you in your tracks? For example if you’re on your way to something, or have something important to do, what distracts you from... See more

Talks: Blood Brother

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, 9 February 2013

Jesus said, “Greater love has no-one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”. This is a story that helps illustrate that love and how much Jesus loves us.
Once there was a boy called Jeremy, aged 10, who had a younger brother, Jonathan, just four years old. Jeremy had always... See more

Hooks: What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, 30 January 2013

Hand out copies of the lyrics for Linkin Park's song, "What I've Done" and play the video clip.
What I’ve Done
In this farewell
There’s no blood
There’s no alibi
‘Cause I’ve drawn regret
From the truth
Of a thousand lies
So let mercy come
And wash... See more

All play: Jesus Actionary

Contributed by: Phil Trotter, Diocese of Christchurch, 28 January 2013

Explain that this game involves miming to your team things that Jesus did in his time on earth - just like charades. There will be 10 rounds in which your team tries to guess the answer before the other teams.
Use the red Jesus cards (gifted to participants at The Abbey 2017) or print your own... See more