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Icebreakers: Tell me Something Interesting…

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Secretly plant several people in your crowd who have a wrapped lolly (e.g. a Fruit Burst) hidden in their pocket.
Tell everyone to go and introduce themselves to each other and tell them something interesting about themselves. Announce that your "planted people" will give a prize... See more

All play: Behind the blanket

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

A blanket is held up with the group in two teams obscured from each other on either side of the blanket. A person is selected from each team to stand in front of their team behind the blanket (effectively two opposing team members are facing each other but with a blanket between them.) When the... See more

All play: Bang!

Contributed by: Phil Trotter

Group forms a circle and someone e.g. a leader calls the name of a player. Immediately the people either side of the named player turn to that person, form their hand into a gun and say “Bang!” The person named tries to ‘duck’ by bobbing down.
The slowest person to ‘duck’ or to say... See more